Marie Haruno is the main character of Lightning Stars! Pretty Cure. She is energetic and dreams of becoming a princess. Marie's alter ego is Cure Storm.

Appearance Edit

In her old form, Marie has short, magenta hair with curls sticking out at the back as well as a small ponytail at the top, held up by a small pink bow which has her Stormy Lovead on it. Her eyes are also magenta, but of a slightly lighter shade. Her casual outfit consists of a light pink shirt with purple and white striped sleeves, a pink skirt with frills of pink and white, violet thigh-high socks and white & pink colored shoes. For summer, Marie wears a pale pink T-shirt over a grey tank-top, a two layer pink skirt and dark grey leggings.

As old Cure Storm, her eye color changes to a lighter pink, while her hair color changes drastically from magenta to blonde, with two small buns on her head, (similar to bunny ears, or a heart shape), a curly mullet below her head and one big ponytail behind it. She wears two pink heart-shaped earrings and white & pink colored accessories in her hair, also in heart shape, similar to Cure Passion and Heart, a small pink choker, pink arm warmers with magenta hearts on them and white & pink colored boots with magenta colored hearts on them as well. She has pink, white (and with a little light blue) colored dress with a magenta heart on her chest and a rose red colored ribbon on her pelvis. She also has a few frills under her dress and dark pink short-like pants underneath. On her right side hangs her Electric Commune.

As Marie, she now wears a purple shirt and a blue skirt with pink shoes.

As Storm, she now has lightning hairbands on her hair and a pink dress with pink boots.